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Linn Präzision has been an innovative and competitive partner since 1965, providing a high-quality service. Our customers range from automotive and aeronautic suppliers to the plastic, casting and electrical goods industries.

Our wide range of products includes turned parts, cold formed parts and fasteners such as punching-bending parts, wire-bending parts and tubing-form-bending parts.

In order to satisfy the individual needs of our customers we have successfully established  specialist departments within our company.

Linn Präzision Service & Logistik GmbH
Linn Präzision Systemtechnik GmbH
Linn Präzision Automotive Vertriebs GmbH
Linn Präzision Norm- u. Drehteile Vertriebs GmbH

One of our particular strengths are standard parts according to DIN 16903.  We have a large assortment of these products in stock.

We use a variety of joining techniques when producing building-groups including assembling, welding, glueing, riveting and pressing. Decoupling elements are also one of our specialities.

Thanks to our extensive range of sorting machines we are able to successfully solve almost any problem. We aim to achieve zero errors ppm.

We hope that we have stimulated your interest in our company and look forward to receiving your enquiries.