Unser Lager, our warehouse, Abbildung 01
Unser Lager, our warehouse, Abbildung 02

Technical Cleanliness

CWe began to consider this issue even before receiving the DIN EN ISO 14001 certification in 2009. Our aim is to fulfil the current requirements according to the "State of Technology", for example ISO 16232, VDA-edition 19, DBL 6515, VW-PV 3370 and VW 01134 (first draft). Moreover we have optimised our procedures as far as cleanliness is concerned.

Our customers can already confirm our very high standards. At the end of 2012 we started running our new cleaning plant R1 (brand PERO) which is now fulfilling the high demands. For extremely high requirements concerning technical cleanliness we can offer our customers vacuum packaging.

Cleaning plant R1 (brand PERO)

Service & Logistics

  • "just-in-time" delivery due to our modern storage system
  • Reliable transport partners
  • “Delivery on demand orders” with mutually-agreed delivery lots
  • Our reliable time-management ensures prompt and
    efficient service
  • We use returnable plastic boxes that are environmentally friendly
  • Fixed quantities can be packed by machines
  • We can recommend our tried and tested partners with regard to electroplating and hardening etc…

Packaging machine