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Cold Formed Parts

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Efficiency and profitability are fundamental idea of each new project, to which the Linn team must care for our customers.

Cold formed parts or turned parts?

We are happy to assist our customers during the development phase in an advisory capacity, especially when it comes to the question of whether a turned part can be substituted by a cold molding / cold formed parts. Here we analyze the dimensional and form accuracy and make appropriate alternative proposals / offers , making a sustainable and long -term customer satisfaction can be achieved, which of us is of utmost importance.

Cold-formed blanks

There is also the opportunity to save by cold-formed blanks with subsequent chipping further processing and robot handling significant production costs, which our clients come noticeable benefit .

Another positive side effect may be the improved mechanical properties by a load-adapted grain, good surface quality and the targeted use of the work hardening.

We look forward to assisting you in your projects ... please send us your inquiries.