100%-Prüfung Qualitätssicherung

100% Verification

A small number of reject parts are unavoidable despite modern machinery and the commitment to a zero error strategy.

An error rate of approx. 0.1-0.5 per cent can be achieved when producing turning work pieces under the best conditions.

This is a very good result but not good enough for many of our customers.

The number of reject parts also increases due to the refining process. Foreign bodies or parts that are unintentionally mixed between the products during  the electroplating and hardening process limit the efficiency of our customers’ production facilities because of machine breakdown.

Processed reject parts lead to costly complaints and performance evaluation from the end user.

100%-Prüfung Abbildung 01
100%-Prüfung Abbildung 02
100%-Prüfung Abbildung 03
100%-Prüfung Abbildung 04
100%-Prüfung Abbildung 05
100%-Prüfung Abbildung 06
100%-Prüfung BPA2
100%-Prüfung P1020017 Ret
100%-Prüfung Pruefmaschine VC6

Since 1991 we have worked towards finding a solution to this problem and for our customers this has resulted in the following: 

• Reduction of error costs

• Increased productivity

• Further processing with a minimum of error

We use machines from a variety of industrial fields e.g. mechanics, opto-electrics, electro-pneumatics and camera technology depending on the test concerned. We create special testing machines in accordance with the individual wishes of the customer.

We were able to extend our possibilities regarding 100%-verification by installing a new generation of machines which enables us to examine the reverse side of the parts using a fourth camera. With this method even smaller tolerances can be checked, and previously problematic features such as chamfers and threads are clearly visible - with the remarkable cycle speed of up to 3 parts per second.