Customer Evaluation

Our company carries out a customer survey every 3-4 years, in addition to the optional supplier assessment given by our customers, so that we are able to monitor the overall customer satisfaction.
The results of the two independent evaluations are presented in the following tables.

Overall Analysis of Customer Surveys since 2001

The customers interviewed represent up to 90% of our total. Our services were rated on a scale of 1-6 ranging from “1 = very good” to “ 6 = unsatisfactory”.

Customer Surveys from 2001 till today

Aspect Ø Mark
Average Mark 1,8
Product Quality 1,6
Pricing 2,6
Delivery Time 2,5
Postage 1,7
Packaging 1,7
Keeping Promises 1,8
Technical Advice 1,7
Availability 1,6
Processing of Complaints 1,9
Staff Competence 1,6
Service in Urgent Cases 18,8
Financial Credibility 1,9
Environmental responsibility 1,7

Supplier Assessment

Supplier Assessment Results since 2001

A 83,9
B 13,3
C 2,8

The respective customer evaluations can be seen in our offices on request.