Bushings are one of the products in which we specialise.  We offer all common executions including turned, cold formed, sawed, rolled and pipe sections. We work out individual proposals in consultation with the customer and aim to find a flexible and economical solution that will meet the technical and commercial demands throughout the life cycle of the product, from the initial sampling stages to serial production and spare part requirements.

In the course of the 100% automatic verification process almost all measurements and features can be checked and confirmed. This helps us to meet zero error (ppm) target.

...Turned Bushings

Turned Bushings

Turned bushings meet the highest technical requirements.

Samples and small and medium quantities of distance bushings produced on single-spindle automatic lathes can be supplied, regardless of the outer contour, at a favourable price.

Large series are produced on best quality multi-spindle automatic lathes in order to guarantee homogeneous quality. Characteristic features of guide bushings and running bushings include narrow tolerances with regard to fundamental features, sanded/polished outer contours and rubbed/honed threads.

… Cold Formed Bushings

Cold Formed Bushings

High quality tools even enable us to economically produce bushings with complex geometrical forms, as long as large quantities are required.



…Sawed Bushings

Sawed Bushings

Bushings made out of tube material are often a cost-effective alternative. The production process is cost-efficient, especially in the case of bushings with long threads.The trimming is done by vibratory sanding in order to round the edges.

…Rolled Bushings

Rolled Bushings

Rolled bushings are bent into the desired form out of flat steel. The open form can result in a spring effect in the corresponding part, if so wished. If desired external chamfers and stamps can cost-effectively be taken into consideration when the raw material is produced. Drilling holes can be cost-effectively produced by the machines during the bending process.